About Grande Ronde Soap and Bath

Hi- I'm Ginny and I'm the creator of Grande Ronde Soap and Bath. I created this business to provide customers with quality handmade soap and bath products. I live in the beautiful Grande Ronde Valley in northeastern Oregon. We are surrounded by hills and mountains. There's lots of outdoor recreation here and I'm very inspired by the natural beauty of this area. I've lived here over half of my life now for two decades. I have 3 wonderful children an 18 year old, 4 year old and 3 year old. My partner, Trevor, has been supportive every step of the way. 

I love to learn and I've always been very much into making things whether that was with crocheting, knitting, cooking, or sewing. Years ago I bought some soapmaking books and I read them from time to time for a few years before making my first batch of soap in 2017. I made several batches and I loved it!  I took a break when I had my second and third children for a few years and in February I took it up again. I've learned so much and made many, many batches. I've researched for countless hours to make sure everything I make is safe and follows guidelines. My goal is to create quality products that my customers love as much as I do.

I'm passionate about handmade soap and bath products. I think they're fantastic and if you give it a try I bet you will too!

Thank you for visiting!